Packetizer DDNS

Packetizer Dynamic DNS Service

This site provides Dynamic DNS (DDNS) services, which is useful for those who operate cloud-based services or home servers that are not assigned a static IP address.

In a cloud computing environment, IP addresses are normally assigned randomly. Likewise, home users are often assigned dynamic IP addresses by their service providers. In both cases, it makes it very challenging for those who want to operate various kind of services, including an inbound mail server, web server, or some type of cloud-based service.

Using a simple API, a server is able to notify the Packetizer DDNS Service whenever its IP address changes. This notification results in changes to the DNS services operated by Packetizer, allowing us to have what appears to be a statically assigned IP address for various services.

The Dynamic DNS service is currently in active use by Packetizer's servers. However, the service is not intended for public use.